Virus Scan SAMSUNG Galaxy S9

How to scan SAMSUNG Galaxy S9? How to detect malware in SAMSUNG Galaxy S9? How to locate viruses in SAMSUNG Galaxy S9? How to erase malware software in SAMSUNG Galaxy S9?

Let's learn how to smoothly and easily detect malware software in SAMSUNG Galaxy S9. Anytime you think that your smartphone can be in danger, use the automatic tool, which will locate a virus and wipe it out. 

How to virus scan SAMSUNG Galaxy S9?

  1. First of all, open the list of all Apps.  
  2. Then, click on the SettingsVirus Scan SAMSUNG Galaxy S9
  3. Scroll down and open Device Maintenance.
  4. From the available icons, select Device Security.  Virus Scan SAMSUNG Galaxy S9
  5. Click on Scan Phone to look for viruses and wipe all of them.
  6. Amazing!

How to Scan Virus in SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 - Security Scan |HardReset.Info - video

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