Screenshot SAMSUNG I337 Galaxy S4

Today, there are several ways to create screenshots on this phone, and we will now consider them, but first, you need to choose the screen that you would like to save in your gallery.

The first method uses mechanical buttons, and therefore it is not always convenient.

First Method

  1. Find the screen for capturing.
  2. Simultaneously press the Power and Home button.Remove Screen Lock on SAMSUNG I337 Galaxy S4
  3. Great! Your screenshot saved in the Gallery!Permanently delete data from SAMSUNG I337 Galaxy S4

The second method can be much more convenient when you need to make a screenshot urgently

Second Method

  1. Firstly you have to select the screen.
  2. Afterward, swipe your hand from the one side on the screen to the other.
  3. Congratulation! Your captured screen has been successfully saved in your SAMSUNG I337 Galaxy S4 Gallery!Permanently delete data from SAMSUNG I337 Galaxy S4

You just got acquainted with all the standard methods of creating screenshots on SAMSUNG I337 Galaxy S4 phone.

We also recommend you to watch our video tutorial on this topic.

How to Take Screenshot in SAMSUNG Galaxy S4 - Capture / Edit Screen - video

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