Bypass Google Verification SAMSUNG N9005 Galaxy Note 3

How to Bypass Googe Verfication in SAMSUNG N9005 Galaxy Note 3?

How to bypass Google Account protection? How to remove factory reset protection? How to active your phone when you forgot the Google password? How to bypass FRP? How to bypass Google Verifications

This tutorial is an answer to all above-mentioned questions. You can use this method in most of the SAMSUNG smartphones. You can watch the video below or follow the presented steps.

Removing Google Account in phone will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
If want save your data do backup before start.
Battery should be atlest 50% charged before start.

  1. Let's start by downloading the special application for your PC. You have to download and install RealTerm app by using the link below:
  2. Then connect your smartphone with your computer by using Micro USB Cable.
  3. Open RealTerm application,RealTerm
  4. Then choose Port Tab and input the port for your phone.Port Tab
  5. Afterwards click on Send Section.Send Section
  6. Here you should use the appropriate code: at+creg?\r\n
  7. You have to input the following command in the first empty bracket.Code Send ASCII
  8. Use Send ASCII button to confirm the operation.Send ASCII
  9. As you may notice our smartphone is dialing the number from the entered command.RealTerm Dialling
  10. Next, tap End button and choose Create Contact.Create Contact
  11. Tap Allow Contacts to access photos, media etc.Allow Contacts
  12. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Scan Business Card.Scan Business Card
  13. You have to agree to all terms and conditions.Terms & Conditions
  14. Tap Search located at the upright corner of the screen.App Search
  15. By using this searcher look for ES File Explorer.ES File Explorer
  16. Let's download the ES File Explorer App.Download ES File
  17. You have to log in Samsung account. It could by any Samsung account.Samsung Account
  18. Open ES File Explorer and insert Micro SD Card with the FRP Bypass App.ES File Explorer Menu
  19. You can download the FRP Bypass App from here:
  20. From the following screen select SD Card folder and tap on FRP App.FRP Bypass
  21. Tap Install and when the Install Blocked screen appears in front of you tap Settings.Install blocked
  22. From the list in front of enable Unknown Sources.Unknown sources
  23. Now you can install FRP Bypass App.Install FRP Bypass
  24. In this step tap Open to launch this FRP Bypass
  25. Tap on the More button in upright corner of the device and choose Browser sign-in.Browser sign-in
  26. You have sign in into Google Account. It could any Google Account even new one.Google Account
  27. Then you have to hold down the Power key and choose Restart.Restart
  28. Afterwards you have to go through all set up process.Welcome Screen
  29. You should see the Account added screen. It means that bypass process has been accomplish successfully and new Google Account had been added to your device.Account added
  30. To fully delete old Google Account just do hard reset procedure with oem lock option enabled.
  31. Excellent! Now you can finish initialization process and start using your smartphone.

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