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How to block apps with a password in your phone?

Our phones are often used by many different people and let's be honest, a simple graphic sign is usually not enough to stop them from using our precious mobile device. If you have some applications which you wish were not so available to anyone besides yourself, you should keep reading this article. Below you will find some very useful apps which will help you with this particular problem.

By installing one of the apps below you can be sure that whoever will be using your device will not stumble upon your very personal applications.


AppLock - very simple but still very powerful. You can choose which apps you wish to be blocked or whether you would like to block all of your applications. After having installed the app you need to come up with a password and also give your email address in case you forgot that password and wanted to get it back. Then choose and tick those applications you wish to be blocked. Simple, isn't it?


What's more, you can also block some of the functions like answering or making calls, setting your device or uninstalling applications. Instead of a password, you can also choose to have a graphic sign as your lock - it is less safe, however, more comfortable. You can also find some extras in the Google Play which will make the appearance of this app more beautiful.

The AppLock is free. However, you can purchase a Premium version - it will come with such features as turning off the advertisements or the safe function (with pictures or videos).AppLock


Smart App Protector

Smart App Protector - this app is fairly similar to the previously mentioned one, however, it includes some more useful functions. One of those features is the Observer Mode which records with the front camera the person who typed in the wrong password. What's more, you can also block the device by simply sending a text message. You can also choose the method of unlocking (password or graphic sign) and choose the appearance of the app.Smart App Protector


Visidon Applock

Visidon Applock - this app is a bit more different than the previous two. It unlocks the device by recognizing our face. It uses the new technology of face recognition. Firstly, we have to get our face recognized and then set and backup password in case of any problems with this app. You can also add this app to administrative applications which will disable anyone who is trying to delete it.

All of these applications automatically turn off the uninstall possibilities. If you wish to deactivate the app, you must unlock certain functions by using the previously set password.Visidon Applock


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