Do Not Disturb Mode in SAMSUNG SC-04G Galaxy S6

What is Do not disturb mode? How to turn it on with your SAMSUNG SC-04G Galaxy S6.

Do not disturb mode on your SAMSUNG SC-04G Galaxy S6

Do not disturb mode can be very handy on many occasions e.g at work, business meeting,  library and other places and situations where the sound of ringing mobile is not very appropriate.  But it doesn't mean you will miss a very important call or message while this mode is switched on. Let's see how it work and how to set up Do not disturb in your SAMSUNG SC-04G Galaxy S6.

1. Start from finding  in your SAMSUNG SC-04G Galaxy S6  Settings icon and tap on it.  Settings icon

2. Now go into Sounds and vibration

Sound and vibraton

3. In Sound and vibration, you can see Do not disturb, we can activate it from here by taping on the switch next to it. But lets first go in Do not disturb so you can configure exceptions you may need in your SAMSUNG SC-04G Galaxy S6.

Do not disturb swich

Do not disturb

4. From here you can set up a schedule, in Turn on as scheduled which is good e.g for your workplace. It will switch on Do not disturb mode automatically so you don't need to worry that you will forget to do that.

Turn on as scheduled

5. Allow Exceptions that option you may need so you will be notified when Do not disturb mode is on. You are not going to miss any of important calls, reminders or messages.

Allow Exceptions

6. Notification pop-ups, this option will let you be notified without any sound just by pop-up notifications on you SAMSUNG SC-04G Galaxy S6 screen.

Notification pop-ups

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