Factory Reset SAMSUNG TV UN75JU7100

In thhis guide we will teach you how to factory reset SAMSUNG UN75JU7100 by using a hidden mode called service mode. If you need to perform Hard Reset on your TV let's use our instructions. After the operation you will be able to set up SAMSUNG UN75JU7100 and use your device with the factory settings. Watch and learn the proper way to reset your device.

Second method:

  1. At the very start you have to turn off the SAMSUNG UN75JU7100 by using the Power key. SAMSUNG UN75JU7100 Power Off
  2. When your TV is switched off, you have to press the following sequence of buttons: Info -> Menu -> Mute -> Power. SAMSUNG UN75JU7100 Hard Reset
  3. The Service Mode will appear on the screen right now. SAMSUNG UN75JU7100 Service Mode
  4. Now you should find and select Options. SAMSUNG UN75JU7100 Master Reset
  5. From this menu you will need to choose Factory Reset and confirm the operation by pressing OK. SAMSUNG UN75JU7100 Factory Reset
  6. Delightful! The factory reset is done, and now you will have to wait until the TV will be ready to use.

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Hard Reset will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
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