Select WiFi Channel on SAMSUNG WIS12ABGNX

If you use SAMSUNG WIS12ABGNX in a place where are a lot of other Wi-Fi networks, other Wi-Fi networks could interfere which each other especially if they use the same WiFi channel. SAMSUNG WIS12ABGNX has 11 or 13 Wi-Fi channels, and you will learn how to choose the best one. How to select the right Wi-Fi channel. How to boost your Wi-Fi speed. How to choose the least crowded WiFi channel.

How to choose the best Wi-Fi channel:

  1. Open Windows Store and search for the WiFi Analyzer. WiFi Analyzer in the Windows Store
  2. Click Get and Launch respectively, to open WiFi Analyzer on your laptop or desktop.
  3. Open it and choose to Analyze on the top menu. Analyze option which you need to click to see the least crowded wifi channel
  4. Search for the least occupied WiFi channel or select one from the recommended ones. A recommended channel which you need to choose
  5. Write down the number of the channel.
  6. Now you need to open SAMSUNG WIS12ABGNX admin page and change Wi-Fi channel.
  7. Open HardReset.Info main page, and search for SAMSUNG WIS12ABGNX.
    SAMSUNG WIS12ABGNX in the HardReset.Info database
  8. You will find complete instructions how to change SAMSUNG WIS12ABGNX Wi-Fi channel.

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