Change Watch Face SKAGEN Falster 2

  1. In the beginning, press the middle button in order to wake up the screen. Format SKAGEN Falster 2
  2. Then swipe down on the screen to open the dropdown menu. Restore SKAGEN Falster 2
  3. Once you're in the menu, tap the Settings icon. Remove screen password on SKAGEN Falster 2
  4. Then tap the Display. Permanently delete data from SKAGEN Falster 2
  5. Next, tap the Change watch face. Hard Reset SKAGEN Falster 2
  6. Afterward, on the screen swipe right or left to choose desired Watch Face. HardReset SKAGEN Falster 2
  7. Finally, for additional settings tap the Setting icon under the Watch Face. Factory Reset SKAGEN Falster 2
  8. Spectacular work!

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