Power Saving Mode SKAGEN Falster 2

How to enable battery saver in SKAGEN Falster 2? How to turn on power saving mode in SKAGEN Falster 2? How to save battery in  Android 4.4 KitKat operating system?

The SKAGEN Falster 2 is using the  300.0 mAh battery. If you would like to use it longer you should enable power saving in SKAGEN Falster 2.

  1. First, press the middle button to wake up the screen. Format SKAGEN Falster 2
  2. Then swipe down from the top of the screen to open the dropdown menu. Restore SKAGEN Falster 2
  3. Once you're in the menu, tap the Settings icon. Remove screen password on SKAGEN Falster 2
  4. Now scroll all the way down and tap the System. Permanently delete data from SKAGEN Falster 2
  5. Lastly, tap the "Battery saver" to turn power saving mode on. Remove Screen Lock on SKAGEN Falster 2

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