Night Mode SONOS One SL

You can enable Night Mode for SONOS One SL you own to make it speak quieter and dim the lights.

  1. To activate Night Mode on SONOS One SL it must be correctly added to Google Home App, if it is not, find out how to do that in our FAQ section.
  2. Open Google Home Application on your smart device. google home app icon
  3. Then click on the device image in which you want to turn on Night Mode. google home app open device
  4. Now click gear icon. google home app device settings
  5. Scroll down to find Night Mode, then tap on it. google home app nightmode
  6. Night mode special menu should open, where you can select specifically during which hours and days Night Mode will be active. google home app nightmode active
  7. Good Job! SONOS One SL will remain silent during night.

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