Rebuild Database SONY PlayStation 3

  1. In order to turn off your device hold down the Power key for a few seconds.Hard Reset SONY PlayStation 3
  2. Wait until your device is completly switched off.
  3. After that, press and hold the Power rocker for a short while.Hard Reset SONY PlayStation 3
  4. Let go of held button as soon as you hear two beeps. The first one when you first press, and the seconds on about 5-8 seconds later.
  5. Next, connect the DualShock 4 controller by using the USB cable.
  6. To open the Safe Mode press the PS button  once.Factory Reset SONY PlayStation 3
  7. Fnially, scroll down to Rebuild Database and confirm it by pressing X key.Remove screen password on SONY PlayStation 3
  8. Good job! The rebuild is done.
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