Factory Reset SONY PlayStation 4 Pro

The Hard Reset is also commonly known as factory reset. This tutorial will show you the easiest way to perform a factory reset operation in SONY PlayStation 4 Pro. Find out the way to remove all personal data, customized settings and installed apps from SONY PlayStation 4 Pro.

As a result your will run faster, you will be able to use the entire MB storage and   battery will work longer. Let's restore defaults in SONY PlayStation 4 Pro and enjoy using your phone as it comes from the manufacturer.

Second method:

  1. First of all, press and hold the Power key to switch your PlayStation 4 off. Make sure it's not in Rest Mode, but has been turned off fully. Format SONY PlayStation 4 Pro
  2. Press and hold the Power key for about eight seconds. You should hear a beep once you first press the key, and a second one a few seconds later. Stop holding the key once you see the Safe Mode menu.
  3. In the Safe Mode menu, select one of two methods - Restore Default Settings or Initialize PS4.
  4. Restore Default Settings will clear all of your saved data and bring your console back to its factory default settings, but will leave all data on your hard drive. This is the more secure method, but if the problem is tied to your hard drive, it won't help.
  5. Initialize PS4 option will do all of the above and wipe everything else found on your hard drive, including downloaded games. Use this method only if nothing else helps.
  6. If you pick Initialize PS4, you will see two options - Quick or Full. Choose Full if you want to make sure your PlayStation 4 console has been wiped clean. HardReset SONY PlayStation 4 Pro Factory Reset SONY PlayStation 4 Pro
  7. Confirm the whole operation by tapping Initialize one more time and Yes to begin the operation. Master Reset SONY PlayStation 4 Pro
  8. The entire process can take multiple hours, but that's it, you're done!

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How to factory reset your ps4 - video

Hard Reset will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
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