Portable Hotspot SONY Xperia 10 Plus

How to create portable hotspot on SONY Xperia 10 Plus? How to enable mobile hotspot in  Android 9.0 Pie? How to share Wi-Fi from SONY Xperia 10 Plus.

Use the Android 9.0 Pie setting in order to set up portable hotspot. Afterwards you will enjoy using the mobile hotspot of SONY Xperia 10 Plus.

  1. In the first step turn on the smartphone by holding the Power key for a couple of seconds.Hard Reset SONY Xperia 10 Plus
  2. From the home screen go to Settings and Network & Internet.
    Main Menu SONY Xperia 10 Plus Settings SONY Xperia 10 Plus
  3. Then open Hotspot &Tethering.Network & Internet SONY Xperia 10 Plus
  4. Enter Portable hotspot and select Configure hotspot.
    Hotspot & tethering SONY Xperia 10 Plus Portable hotspot SONY Xperia 10 Plus
  5. Set up name, password and save it.Configure hotspot SONY Xperia 10 Plus 
  6. Finally you can turn on hotspot.
  7. You can also turn on One-touch portable hotspot and connect devices with your hotspot by using NFC.
    Hotspot & tethering SONY Xperia 10 Plus One-touch portable hotspot SONY Xperia 10 Plus

How to Enable Portable Hotspot on Sony Xperia 10 Plus - Mobile Data / Personal Hotspot - video

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