My Xperia Theft Protection (MXTP) SONY Xperia C5 Ultra E5506

My Xperia Theft Protection (MXTP)

What is My Xperia Theft Protection feature?

Sony has decided to implement another security feature for their devices. My Xperia Theft Protection (MXTP) is a solution which make a device useless for the thief right after the stealing. At first this module was available only for Xperia M4 Aqua and Z4 Tablet.

MXTP has one main goal to achive - block the mobile device on the bootloader level in case the thief tries to clear all the data on the Andorid system or upload softwareusing PC Companionor Flashtool. This block should also be activated with the attempt of deleting the Google Acount (which module MXTP is connected with) or deleting the My Xperia Theft Protection. When the thief tries to erase the MXTP, he should be deprived of the administrator's rights. Sony MXTP
It is very important to realize the occuring of the stealing as soon as possible. Then, the module MXTP is actived from our browser and when the devices get blocked, it will be impossible to make phone calls, use the memory card or start an application. 
In order to deactive the MXTP, we need to login to our Google Acount. If we make a mistake five times in a row, the device will go into the "Lockdown" mode (similarily when someone tries to delete the MXTP app or Google Acount). "Lockdown" disables the device so that no calls go through. There are also no working applications and it would be impossible to see the content of the device after connecting it to the computer. Google Account Lockdown

The most important answears and questions.

Is the MXTP Module available on devices other than Sony?
No. The MXTP is a service designed only for Sony mobile devices.
Is it possible to use the MXTP module after having unlocked the bootloader on the device?
No. Unofrtunately the My Xperia Theft Protection will be disabled on the unsecured devices (the ones with unloched bootloader). 
I forgot the login and password to my Google Account. What will happen?
Well, you should try recovering the password/emial through the Google website. If you are unable to do that, go to the authorized Sony Repair Centre and show them the receipt (or some other evidence of purchase) - they should be able to help you unlock the device. 
I am sending my device to be repaired. Should I unlock it?
If you are controlling your device then you should unlock it for the repair (both display locks and MXTP). It will be much easier to repair your device.

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