Device Description in SUPRA M147G

Information about SUPRA M147G

The SUPRA M147G was introduced in 2013 . The device was initially released running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean system.


The SUPRA M147G was powered by Boxchip A31S with MHZ and cores chipset. The efficient processor and 1000.0 MB of RAM provide enormous performance that guarantees trouble-free operation of any, even the most extensive application or game. The SUPRA M147G doesn't use memory card.


The phone carries over the 5.04 rear camera sensor at the back of the device. The front camera of SUPRA has 1.92. It gives us very high quality of photos and videos with great camera interface.



We can describe the SUPRA size by the 252.0 mm height and 178.0 mm width. The whole device looks very practically and handy, it is accomplished by the 10.1 mm of thickness.

Display & Battery

The phone features a 10.1-inch TFT display. It gives as decent display quality and great scale between warm and cold colors.

It is worth appreciating the improvement of battery performance in relation to the older versions. The SUPRA M147G is using the Li-Polymer 6800.0 mAh battery.

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