Hard Reset SUUNTO 3 Fitness

How to factory reset SUUNTO 3 Fitness? How to wipe all data on SUUNTO 3 Fitness? How to restore default settings on SUUNTO 3 Fitness?

The following tutorial will show different methods of how to Hard reset SUUNTO 3 Fitness. Find out how to perform a Hard Reset by using either hardware keys or system settings. As a result, yours SUUNTO 3 Fitness system will be like new and the device itself should run faster.

  1. In the first place, you need a computer with SuuntoLink application installed. You'll also need the USB cable that you can use to connect your watch to the computer.Hard Reset SUUNTO 3 Fitness
  2. You can get the SuuntoLink application on https://www.suunto.com/en-us/Support/software-support/suuntolink/
  3. Turn on SuuntoLink application on your computer, then plug one end of the cable to your watch and the second end to the USB port in your computer.HardReset SUUNTO 3 Fitness
  4. Next, click on the Settings button (Gear icon).Factory Reset SUUNTO 3 Fitness
  5. Afterward, click on the "WATCHES".Master Reset SUUNTO 3 Fitness
  6. Next step is to click on the "Reset all settings".Wipe data on SUUNTO 3 Fitness
  7. Then click on the "RESET ALL SETTINGS" button.Format SUUNTO 3 Fitness
  8. To finish click on the "RESET WATCH" to reset your device.Restore SUUNTO 3 Fitness
  9. That's all! Hard Reset should be complete now.

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