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Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager


To prevent from not being able to find your stolen or lost device you should use the Android Device Manager which will keep track of those devices you have linked through the Google Account. Make sure that you enable "Lock" and "Erase" on the Manager's website. When it is activated, Google will send you a test message to see how it is working. 

In case of your device being in a unknown location, just head over to the Android Device Manager and choose the device that is currently missing. 

There you have a few options:

1. You can ring your phone to check whether it is not somewhere close to you.

2. You can secure your device by locking it with a password - so if anybody finds it they won't be able to use it (except to send you a Recovery Message)

3. You may also erase all your data by choosing option "Erase". However, this option is recommended when you are sure you will not be able to find or get the device back. Recovering erased data is going to be extremely difficult afterwards. 

The only downside is that the Android Device Manager works with devices which are online and powered on. In any other cases, it simply will not be able to help you.

Pros and Cons

The prons of Android Device Manager are that it locates your device without any help of third party app. It also allows you to track and monitor all of your devices in case of them being stolen ( even several devices if they are link with the same email address). 

The biggest cons of this applications is that it does not work when the location service is off and when the device is offline. Location services consume a lot of battery (that is why they are often being turned off) and when your battery is dead this applications will not help you either (you will get error messages while tracking it). 


Lookout Lookout


Lookout Antivirus and Security is an application for all Android devices which defends it from any unwanted or evil data. There are two versions of this app - free and premium account. 

Free version allows you to use all the basic tools, like virus scanner or even locating your device. Premium account costs $3 per months and for that kind of money you get advisor when it comes to browsing websites, warning each time you install an app to get your permission. 

The accuracy of this app's virus scanner is very high (99%). The minus however is that it may slow down your device while downloading games and applications.

Probably the best option in this application is being able to remotely locate your device (by logging in at You can make your phone ring or evan see your device on a map. Remotely locking and erasing your device however is only possible with Premium Account. 

Pros and Cons

The advantages of this applications are that there are a lot of basic tools which you can use for free (without upgrading to Premium Account), it is very easy and clear to use (also the online version -, you can secure not only one device but several of them by adding them to your account and finally, there is a ani-maleware protection which adds the extra security to your device. 

The disadvantages however are that it does not provide an SMS control, you will not be able to wipe your device (that means your device will be left vulnerable) and there is not much tablet support (works better with mobile phones).


Prey Prey


Prey Anti Theft Software is a free service that can potentially secure all your data and find your  Windows device (laptop, phone) by tracking it. 

The first thing to do is to instal this program on your device. After being installed, the Prey is in the background and is not detected by the Activity Manager. The program is also linked with an Internet account which you can use to monitor any activity or change settings.

In case of your device gone missing, you need to alert the Prey Anti Theft as soon as possible with your online account. You can monitor the activity there. When your stolen device gets the Internet connection, it will send valuable information to your online account such as running applications, Wi-Fi, desktop screenshot, a picture from an integreted camera. As long as the device stays connected you will receive all the feedback. 

You can also secure or erase your important data, lock down the device or even send a message to the person using your device.  

Pros and Cons

The advantages of this appliaction is that it gives you very accurate coordinates. It also runs silently in the background - so you will not even see it working. It gathers a lot of valuable information about the missing device.

The disadvantages however are that free accounts have only limited status reports and you do not have an option to upload or take pictured from the device. 


Norton Anti Theft Norton Anti Theft


Norton Anti Theft is an application that allows you to quickly find and block your device. It also allows to protects its data in case you lose it or it gets stolen. Anytime from any broweser you may check where the device is located, who has it and, if neccesery, block it. 


  • find - checks the location and informing in case someone is using it online after stealing
  • remote blocking - succesfully blocks the access to the device and all data
  • loss notice - notifies the finder about the loss of the device which enables the owner to find it
  • internet control - works perfectly throught the Internet, allowing to monitor, locate and block the device from anywhere in the world
  • secret peek - takes photos of people and objects in front of the device and saves them on the Internet website of the applications
  • free technical help

Pros and Cons

Norton application has the following pros:

  • keeping your identity secret by a lot of protcting features, when your device is someone else's hands
  • being able to control your device over the Internet
  • free technical help from the company

Norton Anti Theft has the following cons:

  • not available in some of the countries outside the US (etc. Cuba, Iran, Sudan)
  • some software and hardware are subject to the laws of US so they have the right to cancel any order that does not comply with the US law


Cerberus Cerberus


Cerberus is an app useful when your device gets lost or stolen. You just install it and use it just in case of an emergency. When you loose your device or it gets stolen form you, just log in to Cerberus website, activate remote GPS and the app will show you the location. You can also lock it, requiring a PIN to unlock. The other option avilable is that it takes pictures (even record audio or video) of the intruder which are later on emailed to you. The other features include: tracking location history, sending messages, calling the device, hiding or showing the app, wiping the memory of the device and SD card. It is also possible to reboot the device if someone else roots it. 

Pros and Cons

Cerberus application has the following advantages:

  • works without Internet connection (commands sent from another device)
  • sends allert text messages when a new SIM is inserted
  • ability to hide the app so the predator would not know about its existance 
  • preventing the device from turning off when it is locked
  • works also when the airplane mode is on

Cerberus application has the following disadvantages:

  • some actions are not avilable via text messgaes (e.g. sending recordings from back camera)
  • not possible to active GPS when the device is unrooted
  • the app stops working and fails when the battery is removed from the device
  • the app is not free


Avast Anti Theft Avast Anti Theft


Avast Anti Theft is an application which is supposed to work for your phone as a protection from thieves. You can hide the app by givinig it your own name which will make it very difficult to detect and even harder to delete. What is more, this application does not burden the device and uses very little battery. The pros of this anti theft app ? First off, all you can save the list of SIM cards without the alarm setting off. If there is a different SIM card put into your device, there will be an alarm going off (similar to firefighters' sirens) and it will send a silent message to the owner of the device. You can also send a text message with the instruction to mute the phone, block it, transfer the incoming phone calls and so on. Avast also enables you to filter the text messages and phone calls on basis of advanced rules (for example by setting the time of day and the day of the week). 

Pros and Cons

Avast Anti Theft application has the following pros:

  • sheer interface
  • malware protection
  • a variaty of anti-theft tools
  • customized as wanted
  • available free of charge (mainly)

Avast Anti Theft application has the following cons:

  • to use some of the features there is anotehr app needed
  • lack of documentation


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