Hard Reset TEXET TM-5084

How to factory reset TEXET TM-5084? How to wipe all data in TEXET TM-5084? How to bypass screen lock in TEXET TM-5084? How to restore defaults in TEXET TM-5084?

The following tutorial shows all method of master reset TEXET TM-5084. Check out how to accomplish hard reset by hardware keys and Android 8.1 Go Edition settings. As a result your TEXET TM-5084 will be as new and your MediaTek MT6739WA  core will run faster.

First method:

  1. In order to begin, turn the device off. You can do it by holding the Power button and tapping the Power off option on the screen.
    Hard Reset TEXET TM-5084 Master Reset TEXET TM-5084
  2. After the device is off, press and hold the Power button and the Volume Up button together.HardReset TEXET TM-5084
  3. When the Boot Mode appears on the screen release both buttons.Hard Reset TEXET TM-5084
  4. Use the Volume Down button to select the Recovery Mode, then press the Volume Down button to continue.HardReset TEXET TM-5084
  5. When the "No command" screen appears, hold the Power button and press the Volume Up button to continue.Factory Reset TEXET TM-5084
  6. You should be in the Recovery Mode now. Use the Volume buttons to move through the menu and the Power button to select the options.Factory Reset TEXET TM-5084
  7. Next, select the Wipe data/Factory reset and press the Power button to confirm.Master Reset TEXET TM-5084
  8. Afterward, scroll down to Yes and press the Power button to confirm and begin the reset.Wipe data on TEXET TM-5084
  9. Finally, select the Reboot system now and press the Power button to confirm.Format TEXET TM-5084
  10. Outstanding work!

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