Wi-Fi Channel Change TP-LINK Archer AX11000

How to speed up your Wi-Fi by choosing the right channel. How to find the best Wi-Fi channel for TP-LINK Archer AX11000. Change TP-LINK router WiFi channel to get best download speed. Use WiFi channel analyzer and find least crowded channel.

  1. Firstly, run WiFi Analyzer on your smartphone and find least crowded channel. TP-LINK Archer AX11000 select right wi-fi channel
  2. Secondly, enter or tplinkwifi.net in the web browser address field, you can use any web browser you like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari if you are using macOS. TP-LINK Archer AX11000 log in to setup
  3. After that, enter password, default password is admin, and click LOG IN Button.
  4. When you are in TP-LINK Archer AX11000 main menu click on the Advanced Icon in top right corner. TP-LINK Archer AX11000 Wi-Fi channel change
  5. Then, click on the Wireless in the list of options on the left and select Wireless Settings .
  6. Unselect Smart Connect Enable, to get access to TP-LINK router Wi-Fi channel change option.
  7. Select best chanell to 2.4 GHz network and select best channel for 5 GHz chanel, than confirm everything by clicking Save at the bottom right corner of the page. TP-LINK Archer AX11000 5 GHz channel change
  8. Well done! Now your download and upload speed should be significantly increased.

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