Hard Reset TP-LINK Deco E3

Learn how to Factory Reset TP-LINK Deco E3. This is the best method to restore default settings on the TP-LINK router. If your Deco E3 is stuck and doesn't respond to any button pressed, follow our guide to restore normal TP-LINK Deco E3 operation.

  1. When TP-LINK Deco E3 is turned on, put it upside down and find Reset Hole. A hole at the bottom of TP-LINK Deco E3 where you can stick paper clip to full reset
  2. Stick an office paper clip or toothpick to that hole, and keep pressing Reset Button.
  3. The LED light on the top of TP-LINK Deco E3 will start flashing in the orange color. A LED light indicator on the top of the TP-LINK Deco E3 which indicates internet connection
  4. When LED Status Indicator Light begins to glow in steady orange, you can release Reset Key.
  5. Awesome! Now give Deco E3 some time to reboot and all router settings are revert to defaults.

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Hard Reset will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
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