Set Up Gmail ULEFONE GQ3028

How to set up Gmail in ULEFONE GQ3028? How to add Gmail account in ULEFONE GQ3028? How to use Gmail account in ULEFONE GQ3028? How to create Gmail user in ULEFONE GQ3028? How to get access to the Gmail account in ULEFONE GQ3028? 

We are coming to present the tutorial, where we teach you, step by step how to successfully set up Gmail account in ULEFONE GQ3028. If you wish to find out the only way to add Gmail on your ULEFONE smartphone, stay with us and follow the below instructions to use the Gmail account in ULEFONE GQ3028 successfully. Let's use the presented instructions and get access to the Gmail app to use your own Gmail account in ULEFONE GQ3028.

  1. At the very beginning, activate your ULEFONE GQ3028 and pick the Google file. Factory Reset ULEFONE GQ3028
  2. In the second step, select the Gmail icon to successfully add your private mailbox. Master Reset ULEFONE GQ3028
  3. Nextly, click GOT IT and Add an email address.
    Wipe data on ULEFONE GQ3028 Format ULEFONE GQ3028
  4. After that, choose Google to set up a Gmail account successfully. Restore ULEFONE GQ3028
  5. Now, put Your email address and go NEXT.
    Remove screen password on ULEFONE GQ3028 Remove Screen Lock on ULEFONE GQ3028
  6. This is the time to put the password and confirm by NEXT.
    Permanently delete data from ULEFONE GQ3028 Hard Reset ULEFONE GQ3028
  7. At this moment, You need to click on I agree button. HardReset ULEFONE GQ3028
  8. At last, You have to activate option "Back up to Google Drive", click on More and choose the ACCEPT. Factory Reset ULEFONE GQ3028
  9. Perfect job! Your Gmail account has been successfully set up. Hard Reset ULEFONE GQ3028

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