Set Up Wi-Fi ULEFONE GQ3028

How to set up Wi-Fi in ULEFONE GQ3028? How to add Wi-Fi network in ULEFONE GQ3028? How to use Wi-Fi inULEFONE GQ3028? How to create Wi-Fi network in ULEFONE GQ3028? How to allow Wi-Fi network in ULEFONE GQ3028? 

We would like to present the instructions, where we teach you how to set up Wi-Fi in ULEFONE GQ3028. If you wish to use Wi-Fi in ULEFONE GQ3028, find out below the tutorial and add the Wi-Fi network easily. Let's follow the below tutorial and set up Wi-Fi connection in your ULEFONE smartphone. Learn how to start using Wi-Fi connection in ULEFONE GQ3028 within couple of seconds. 

  1. In the first step, activate Your ULEFONE GQ3028 and get access to the Settings. Master Reset ULEFONE GQ3028
  2. Secondly, scroll the list and select Wi-Fi. Wipe data on ULEFONE GQ3028
  3. After that, You have to activate the option "Wi-Fi". Format ULEFONE GQ3028
  4. At this moment, choose the network that You wish to join. Restore ULEFONE GQ3028
  5. Next, You have to put the password and press the Join. Remove screen password on ULEFONE GQ3028
  6. Success! The chosen network has been successfully set up. Remove Screen Lock on ULEFONE GQ3028

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