Remove Google Account ULEFONE N9189

How to delete Google user from ULEFONE N9189? How to clear Google user on ULEFONE N9189? How to remove Google account from ULEFONE N9189? How to delete account from ULEFONE N9189? How to erase Google user from ULEFONE N9189?

In the presented video instruction, we teach how to smoothly remove Google account from ULEFONE N9189. If you would like to have access to all Google features to have a possibility to erase Google account, stay with us, and follow the below instructions to delete the account successfully. Let’s stay with us and get the full knowledge of how to clear Google account from ULEFONE N9189 easily. Visit our YT channel and get more tutorials to learn how to cooperate with your ULEFONE N9189 much better. 

  1. On the front, unlock your ULEFONE N9189 and click on the Settings icon. Permanently delete data from ULEFONE N9189
  2. In the second step, scroll the list and choose Accounts. Hard Reset ULEFONE N9189
  3. After that, you need to choose your Google Account to successfully remove it. HardReset ULEFONE N9189
  4. Now you should click on the "Remove Account" button to delete Google user smoothly. Nextly you need to repeat the action by pressing the same button.
    Factory Reset ULEFONE N9189 Master Reset ULEFONE N9189
  5. In the end, you have to confirm Your action by pressing the OK button. Wipe data on ULEFONE N9189
  6. Great job! Thanks to this, your Google Account has been successfully removed. Format ULEFONE N9189

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