Set Up email ULEFONE N9776

How to set up email address in ULEFONE N9776? How to add email account in ULEFONE N9776? How to install email inbox in ULEFONE N9776? How to get emails on ULEFONE N9776? How to manage email account in ULEFONE N9776? How to read emails on ULEFONE N9776? How to get emails on ULEFONE N9776? 

We are presenting a tutorial, where we teach you how to set up email in ULEFONE N9776. If you would like to add your email to ULEFONE N9776, find out attached instructions and learn how to use settings to set up email successfully. Follow the whole instructions and use your email box in your ULEFONE smartphone easily. Let's use step by step guide and get the knowledge on how to set up an email account in ULEFONE N9776. 

  1. At the beginning, activate your ULEFONE N9776 and pick the Google file. HardReset ULEFONE N9776
  2. In the second step, select the Gmail icon to successfully add Your private mailbox. Factory Reset ULEFONE N9776
  3. At this moment, click GOT IT and Add an email address.
    Master Reset ULEFONE N9776 Wipe data on ULEFONE N9776
  4. Now, choose Other to set up your own mailbox. Format ULEFONE N9776
  5. This is the time to write your mail address and go NEXT.
    Restore ULEFONE N9776 Remove screen password on ULEFONE N9776
  6. Select the type of your account. Remove Screen Lock on ULEFONE N9776
  7. Afterward, put your password and go NEXT.
    Permanently delete data from ULEFONE N9776 Hard Reset ULEFONE N9776
  8. After that, set up Incoming server settings and click NEXT. HardReset ULEFONE N9776
  9. Nextly, update outgoing server settings when needed.
  10. Great! Your email has been successfully set up.

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