How to hard reset ULTIMATE EARS BOOM 3

You can reset ULTIMATE EARS speaker back to its default speaker settings. Learn how to Factory Reset BOOM 3. Follow our instructions and all ULTIMATE EARS Bluetooth device settings will be reset to defaults. All data saved on ULTIMATE EARS BOOM 3 will be permanently deleted so think twice before you proceed with ULTIMATE EARS BOOM 3 reset operation. If your BOOM 3 is stuck or freezes during playing music or you have problems with Bluetooth connection, follow this simple guide and after ULTIMATE EARS BOOM 3 reset, errors should disappear. You will need to pair your BOOM 3 with a smartphone or another mobile device once again.

  1. Your ULTIMATE EARS speaker needs to be turned on, in not press once Power Button. ULTIMATE EARS BOOM 3 power button
  2. Now press together Volume Down Button and Power Key and hold it for over 10 seconds. ULTIMATE EARS BOOM 3 volume down and power button
  3. When you hear a short tone, it means that reset is complete and you can release buttons.
  4. Your BOOM 3 will be turned off, turn it on by pressing Power Switch once.
  5. Fantastic! Now you BOOM 3 speaker is ready to pair again with your smartphone and play music from Spotify or Tidal.

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Hard Reset will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
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