How to detect which apps drain your battery in V-MOBILE S39?

If you notice that your mobile device uses up the battery quicklier than it should, this might mean that you have installed an app (or some apps) that are not energy-friendly and shorten the usage of your phone. This is a new kind of malicious software that, fortunately, is quite easy to detect. The example could be the app to download colorful wallpapers

These applications seem very normal to our device. However, their purpose is to use the mobile device to produce bitcoins (virtual currency) which requires some advanced calculations. Android may not be always able to detect them by itself as they ar not really dangerous, but very annoying. 
However, there is a device which helps identifying these resource thieves. It is called OS Monitor. Follow the steps below in order to get to know how to use this app:
  1. Install the OS Monitor from Google Play. Install OS Monitor
  2. Open Os Monitor and choose Options (second icon from the left). OS Monitor Menu
  3. Tick the option "Show CPU Usage" - now the the CPU meter will ne shown in the notifications area. OS Monitor Options
  4. How all is left to do is to monitor the processor usage - if you are not doing anything with your device, yet you see that the CPU is very high, that means you have an energy-draining app which you should uninstall as soon as possible.  CPU Usage

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