Power Saving Mode V-MOBILE S39

How to enable battery saver in V-MOBILE S39? How to turn on power saving mode in V-MOBILE S39? How to save battery in  Android 7.0 Nougat operating system?

The V-MOBILE S39 is using the Li-Ion 2800.0 mAh battery. If you would like to use it longer you should enable power saving in V-MOBILE S39.

  1. Who doesn't want to save the charge of their phone? So we are here to show the Power Saving Mode on V-MOBILE S39. Enter the Settings now. V-MOBILE S39 Settings
  2. In here scroll down a little bit and go in Battery. V-MOBILE S39 Battery
  3. To the right from the first option Standby Intelligent Power Saving is a switch. Click on it. V-MOBILE S39 Switch
  4. Can you believe it's all? Enjoy the work of the mobile device longer. V-MOBILE S39 Mode on

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