Block Number VIVO X9

The easy way to block number on VIVO X9. Let's find out how to create the blacklist on VIVO X9. By using our tutorial you can block both calls and text messages.

  1. Firstly, you should switch on the device and open the Phone's contacts.VIVO X9 Block Number
  2. Select the Distress Number.VIVO X9 Block Number
  3. Press Add to Blacklist.VIVO X9 Block Number
  4. Tap Apply to confirm your decision.VIVO X9 Block Number
  5. That's all!VIVO X9 Block Number
  6. If you would like to remove the Number from the Blacklist, you ought to follow the same way.
    VIVO X9 Block Number VIVO X9 Block Number


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