Tips & Tricks VODAFONE Smart E8

Deleting the Internet History

Internet Browser:

  1. At the beginning, you should open your Internet browser.
  2. Then find the Menu icon and tap Settings.Hard Reset your device
  3. From the options choose Privacy.HardReset your device
  4. After that from the available options choos Delete personal data.Factory Reset your device
  5. In the next step, click on Browsing History and, if you wish select Cache, Cookies and site data.Master Reset your device
  6. Well done!



  1. You should start by opening your Chrome browser.
  2. Next in the Menu tap Settings.Wipe data on your device
  3. Find the option Privacy and tap it.Format your device
  4. After that from the available opitons choose Clear Browsing Data.Restore your device
  5. Thenclick on Browsing History and, if you wish select Cache, Cookies and site data.Remove screen password on your device
  6. Congratulations!


Mozilla Firefox:

  1. At first, open the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. In the menu find and choose Settings.Remove Screen Lock on your device
  3. Then, tap Privacy.Permanently delete data from your device
  4. Under the Clear Private Data tab choose Clear Now.Hard Reset your device
  5. Afterwards choose specific features which your would like to clear and tap Clear Data.HardReset your device
  6. Success! Your private data and history should be deleted.


What you can do to stay private?

  • Use incognito/private browsing/private mode:
    • In Google Chrome – tap Menu button, then “New Incognito Tab”.Factory Reset your device Your tab should be darker than the usual one.Master Reset your device
    • In Mozilla Firefox – in the menu choose “New Private Tab”.Wipe data on your device You should see a mask logo informing you that you are currently in private browsing. Format your device
  • You can also install an application locker:
    • This option enables you to choose which apps you wish other people have access to.
    • Popular ones are: AppLock, Lock Master, Smart App Lock.
  • Try to regularly delete browsing history!


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