Screenshot XIAOMI Mi 8 SE

How to save display in XIAOMI Mi 8 SE? How to take screenshot on XIAOMI Mi 8 SE? How to save screen in XIAOMI Mi 8 SE? How to capture screen in XIAOMI Mi 8 SE? How to open screenshot folder in XIAOMI Mi 8 SE?

Find out all methods of taking screenshots with your XIAOMI Mi 8 SE. Use tricks to capture a particular screen and quickly save screen. Afterward, open the screenshot folder and here you can share, edit or delete those pictures.

How to save display in XIAOMI Mi 8 SE?

First method

  1. First of all, open the screen that you want to save.
  2. Simultaneously hold the Power key and Volume downScreenshot XIAOMI Mi 8 SE
  3. Go to your Gallery to see taken screenshot.

Second method

  1. Begin with opening the display that should be grabbed.
  2. Secondly, slide down the upper barScreenshot XIAOMI Mi 8 SE
  3. Finally, locate the Screenshot icon and select it.
  4. Well done! Go to the Gallery and find the grabbed pic in Screenshots album.

How to Take Screenshot on XIAOMI Mi 8 - Capture Screen Methods - video

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