Delete Apps on XIAOMI Mi TV 2S

How to Delete Apps in XIAOMI Mi TV 2S?

Do you want to remove useless apps in your XIAOMI Mi TV 2S? Storage memory is running out of space? Do you need to remove an unwanted application from your XIAOMI Mi TV 2S? Any app installed accidentally in your XIAOMI Mi TV 2S? If you came here to learn the best way how to Manage Apps in XIAOMI, you are in the right place. In the presented tutorial, we show you how to wipe out apps from your XIAOMI Mi TV 2S by using a two different ways. Follow the instruction above to gladly clean useless apps in your XIAOMI Mi TV 2S.

First method

  1. Let's start by unlocking your XIAOMI and open Settings. XIAOMI Mi TV 2S Settings
  2. There, go to the Apps. XIAOMI Mi TV 2S Apps
  3. Enter Manage Apps section. XIAOMI Mi TV 2S Manage apps
  4. In this section look for the small green trashcan icon and tap on it. XIAOMI Mi TV 2S Uinstall apps
  5. After all, select Apps which you want to remove, then tap Uninstall button at bottom of the screen. XIAOMI Mi TV 2S Remove apps
  6. At last, confirm the warning notification by touching OK. XIAOMI Mi TV 2S Delete apps
  7. Good job!

Second method

  1. Begin with unlocking your XIAOMI device.
  2. From the Home Screen tap desired icon and hold your finger for a short while. XIAOMI Mi TV 2S Grab icon
  3. Now grab this icon and slide your finger to the top of the display.
  4. Put icon on little trash icon and hold it off. XIAOMI Mi TV 2S Remove application
  5. If you are sure to remove this application, confirm your decision on the warning that appeared. XIAOMI Mi TV 2S Erase apps
  6. Amazing!

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