Wipe Cache XIAOMI TV Mi TV 2S

If you would like to refresh and speed up the system of your XIAOMI Mi TV 2S, then you definitely should find instruction below to wipe cache in order to delete temporary cached files. This operation will affect just temporary cache files and don’t erase personal data. Let’s learn how to smoothly optimize XIAOMI Mi TV 2S by using wipe cache operation.

  1. The whole process starts from disconnecting the power supply to the XIAOMI Mi TV 2S and wait a few seconds to discharge all stored values.
  2. In the second step, use below combination of keys (pic. on the left for Infra-red TV remote controller Home and Manual buttons, pic. on the right for Bluetooth TV remote controller, Confirm and Back buttons) at the same time and use another hand to reconnect the plug of electricity supply.
    XIAOMI Mi TV 2S Infra-red TV remote controller XIAOMI Mi TV 2S Infra-red TV remote controller
  3. At this moment, the TV should start, if not press the white button located under the Mi symbol, underneath the center of the XIAOMI TV.
  4. This is the time to use Wipe Cache option in order to delete temporary cache files, speed up and refresh the XIAOMI system. XIAOMI Mi TV 2S Wipe Cache
  5. In the end, choose the Restore System to reboot the XIAOMI Mi TV 2S.
  6. Perfect job! Wipe Cache has been successfully done.

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