Bootloader Check in XIAOMI Poco X3 Pro

XIAOMI Poco X3 Pro Bootloader Check

Bootloader Check XIAOMI Poco X3 Pro

You can read a lot of important information from XIAOMI Poco X3 Pro Fastboot Mode. We can use the XIAOMI fastboot data in order to find the desired firmware, downgrade software, and change the region of the firmware or root device, The most important info is bootloader status (locked or unlocked). The unlocked bootloader makes your XIAOMI Poco X3 Pro out of warranty but it gives you also the possibility to change the firmware of your device.

Download Necessary Tools

  1. Xiaomi PC Suite
  2. Drivers and Adb with Fastboot tools

Installing Necessary Tools

  1. Firstly install Xiaomi PC Suite
  2. Then you should install Mini ADB & Fastboot with Drivers setup to get all necessary drivers and applications.
  • Windows 10 users should additionally go to c:\Windows\inf and search file "wpdmtp.inf" press the right button on it and select INSTALL

Check Bootloader Status Tutorial

  1. Turn off XIAOMI Poco X3 Pro phone completely.
  2. Then hold down the Volume Down and Power Button. How enter fastboot mode Xiaomi phones
  3. Release both keys as soon as the Fastboot Mode pops up. Fastboot mode Xiaomi phones
  4. Connect XIAOMI Poco X3 Pro to computer by using the USB Cable.
  5. Turn on Command Prompt as Administrator. You can find it in Start Menu. How run Command prompt windows
  6. Make sure that you are using the default directory of ADB and FASTBOOT. If didn't change the path, you can find files in C:\ADB
  7. Use the following commands:
    • type cd\ and press Enter button.
    • type cd adb and press Enter button.
    fastboot devices check command

Next enter fastboot command:

  1. Type in fastboot devices and press enter key
    This command checks communication with the phone and sure that all drivers are installed correctly. fastboot devices check command
  2. Enter fastboot oem device-info and press enter key
    This command gives you all the necessary information. The most important info is bootloader status, we can check here if we have locked bootloader or unlocked. Fastboot bootloader status check Xiaomi phones

The information table should look as follows:

  • (bootloader)Device tampered: false
    This means that the phone is working normally without any software problem
  • (bootloader)Device unlocked: false
    This means that bootloader is LOCKED
  • (bootloader)Device unlocked: true
    This means that bootloader is UNLOCKED

Other Useful Fastboot Command in Xiaomi phones:

  1. fastboot reboot
    This command is used to reboot XIAOMI Poco X3 Pro from fastboot mode to normal use. How reset phone from bootloader to normal mode Xiaomi Phones
  2. fasboot oem lock
    This command is used to LOCK Bootloader from UNLOCK state if needed.
  3. fastboot reboot-edl
    This command is used to reboot XIAOMI Poco X3 Pro from fastboot mode to EDL MODE
    (only older phones supported MIUI 7 and older).

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