Safe Mode ZOPO ZP1000

How to enter safe mode in ZOPO ZP1000? How to open safe mode in ZOPO ZP1000? How to quit safe mode in ZOPO ZP1000? How to boot safe mode in ZOPO ZP1000?

Here you should find the answers to all of those questions. Check out how to get access to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean hidden mode called Safe Mode.

  1. Make sure to turn your device on first. You can do so by pressing and holding the Power button for a few seconds.Hard Reset ZOPO ZP1000
  2. Now hold in the Power button, then touch and hold the Power off option on the screen.
    Hard Reset ZOPO ZP1000 HardReset ZOPO ZP1000
  3. When prompted tap on the Ok to continue.HardReset ZOPO ZP1000
  4. Once your device reboots completely you should be in the Safe Mode. To verify look for the "Safe Mode" written on the bottom of the screen.
  5. To exit the Safe Mode press and hold the Power button, then on the screen select the Restart option.

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