Do Not Disturb Mode

This is the amazingly useful mode, where you can disable all sounds and vibrations in your smartphone. All notifications, alerts, and calls will be stoped by using this Silent Mode. Our tutorial will give you a possibility to learn how to get access to the Do Not Disturb Mode to smoothly use automatic rules or DND schedule. Let’s use our instructions in order to activate Silent Mode in few easy steps to give yourself a bit of peace and silence.DND Mode

How to activate Do Not Disturb Mode?

To smoothly activate Do Not Disturb Mode on your device, you definitely should find out how to open sounds settings, where you will be able to manage DND schedule and automatic rules. If you need a hand to easily enable Silent Mode in your smartphone, then use our tutorials available on YouTube Channel, where you will be able to watch the video especially recorded for your own Phone Model.

Find out the instruction below to learn how to activate DND Mode in OnePlus device:

Check the instruction below to enable Silent Mode in HUAWEI P30 Pro:

  1. At the very beginning, unlock your smartphone and choose Settings app.
    HUAWEI Settings
  2. In the second step, scroll the Settings list and pick Sounds.
    HUAWEI Sounds
  3. This is the time to choose Do not disturb to smoothly mute all sounds and vibrations.
    HUAWEI Silent Mode
  4. Now, turn on Do not disturb by using the switcher.
  5. On this stage, you also have a possibility to use DND schedule and automatic rules.
  6. Success! Do Not Disturb Mode has been successfully enabled and the sounds and vibrations are blocked.