CORSAIR SM-G950W / ESK / Canada

Check out if the firmware is appropriate for your Corsair VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS XT HighFidelity Gaming Headset Slate.The table contains a lot of useful information about the software. This firmware was designed for Galaxy S8 for G950WVLU5CSF4 PDA version and G950WOYA5CSF4 CSC code. The software is dedicated for None bootloader type and  CRC. Android Oreo 9 comes with 01.06.2019 Android Security Patch Level. You should also make sure if the 16197057 changelist and 15/06/2019 build date are correct for Corsair VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS XT HighFidelity Gaming Headset Slate.

If the specification of firmware is correct and you would like to use the ESK EastLink Canada software from Canada tap on the download button. The size of all flash is 3.493 GiB

Firmware Details:
Model: SM-G950W / Galaxy S8
PDA/AP Version: G950WVLU5CSF4
CSC Version: G950WOYA5CSF4
Bootloader/ BL:
Region: ESK / Canada
Carrier/Brand: EastLink Canada
OS: Android / Oreo
OS Version: 9
Build Date: 15/06/2019
Security Patch Level: 01.06.2019
Changelist: 16197057
Size: 3.493 GiB

Read the details info about your firmware. If the Android Oreo 9 is correct for your phone you can flash your device. Check out how to do it by using our Samsung Change / Update Firmware Tutorial. All necessary tools are free to download and available on our websites. Follow our steps and enjoy using the new firmware in your Corsair VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS XT HighFidelity Gaming Headset Slate. The Samsung flash operation is safe and easy to accomplish. If you have some question or doubts about Samsung Firmware Database feel free to contact by using our Contact Page.