SAMSUNG GT-I8260 / SIO / Slovenia

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Find out the desired software version for SAMSUNG I8260 Galaxy Core. Here you can choose the PDA, CSC, OS Version and Build Date information. The list contains both fast and regular speed downloads. Choose the firmware version that you would like to use. 

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PDA Version CSC Version OS Version Build Date Fast Download
I8260XXANF3 I8260OXXANE1 Android / Jelly Bean / 4.1.2 27/06/2014 AVAILABLE
I8260XXAML3 I8260OXXAML3 Android / Jelly Bean / 4.1.2 26/12/2013 N/A
I8260XXAMG2 I8260OXXAMG3 Android / Jelly Bean / 4.1.2 05/07/2013 N/A