What is a Download Mode?

Download Mode is the hidden state of some Android devices. It is commonly used for flashing ROM or performing the system update. The first phones that come with that mode came from the SAMSUNG manufacturer. By using this secret menu you can also read a couple of useful information like FRP status, model details or system data. When the device will access the Download Mode the system will use the external sources instead of the stock bootloader, so as result you will be able to replace the ROM in that mode. That’s why it's also used in root process. This type of mode is used mostly by Samsung devices and it may be compared to Fastboot / Bootloader Mode in HTC and Nexus devices.

How to enter Download Mode?

There are different methods that may be used for entering download mode. Most of the methods use the secret combination of buttons like Volume Down + Power or Volume Down + Home + Power. Sometimes to boot into download mode you need to use the Micro USB or USB C Cable connected to your computer. In order to find the appropriate method for your device use our tutorial database or our uploaded videos.

Here you can check out how to enter download mode in SAMSUNG and HUAWEI phones:

How to exit Download Mode?

If you accidentally enter the download mode you should quit that mode. The easiest way to boot into normal mode is to hold down the Power key for at least 10 seconds. If the following method won't help need to watch our tutorials, you will be able to find there the simplest way to exit Download Mode.

What to Do When Samsung Stuck In Download Mode?

If your device stuck on the Downloading screen, you should force restart. So if it’s possible let’s remove and re-insert the battery. If the battery is irremovable let’s just press Power button for a really long time or you should watch our videos with Download Mode Tutorials.