13 Ene 2021

What role can games play in the COVID-19?

Market research reports that just between March 16 and March 22, video-game sales increased by 63 percent. Often are games described as trite activities for younger generations. Moreover, we usually focus on their negatives, the possibility of addiction, etc. Once we talk about positives, it’s mostly about the visual effects. Yet today it is definitely not about graphic or games' negatives!

Research in game studies over the last few decades has revealed that games can be amazingly valuable tools for the development of the individual, stimulating both brain hemispheres as well as growth and connection, particularly among older generations. Exploring the ways digital games can be used as tools that have a positive effect on the psyche of each individual, pandemic times have shown (in theory an obvious but so far neglected) zone of positive influence.

What are we talking about? Mental issues prevention tool!

what role can games play in COVID times?

The current situation revealed this huge pros. In the COVID-19 era, we can see that games are a great tool for preventing depression and anxiety!

Top 2020/2021 games, like Call of Duty, NBA, NHL, Cyberpunk, FIFA, and many more are gaining more and more fans every year. Some may say that it's sad. The whole VR issue, living outside the real world, meeting others online. Of course, this is not a zero-one answer, but nevertheless, during the times when we are forced to sit at home, it is a great tool for contact with people from all over the world. But that's not about that, even though it’s a huge advantage nowadays. Months spent in quarantine led many deep into the world of avatars, levels, and rewards. As many gamers say, it is not about playing only. It gave the feeling of being with people, being in a group and eliminated the feeling of loneliness.

A poll taken by the KFF found that nearly half (45 percent) of adults in the US say stress and worry surrounding COVID-19 has had negative implications for their mental health. And here games come! Cuz, while we're used to the position that it's nothing great to escape to games and spend hours on them, we are currently taking a completely different perspective. Swirling and staying inside remains a top recommended strategy to stop COVID spread, so many are escaping to games.

According to research and experts, that’s truly good news, as gaming can function as a mental-health-boosting practice. Dr. Daramus (clinical psychologist) who’s been studying other mental health experts’ research on the brain benefits of games for years— confirms that games are poised to help people deal with the unprecedented mental toll of the pandemic. Even though before the whole pandemic, Aimee Daramus would have been more into the idea of reducing people’s gaming time, and turn into real-life instead, today she just suggests monitoring the feelings while playing and how picked games affect one’s life.

And for now on, and the ongoing situation, Dr. Daramus advises: P L A Y  O N.

Let's the party begin!

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