Factory Mode

It is a hidden mode in the device that allows you to perform many useful operations for example:

You need to know that not every device is build-in Factory Mode. If you would like to find if your device has this useful mode, then open Factory Mode Playlist on our HardReset.info YouTube Channel.

Let's follow the instruction below to get access to the Factory Mode:

In the instruction below, you find how to get access to the Factory Mode:

  1. At the very beginning, hold the Power key for few seconds to switch off your device.
    Turn Off device
  2. In the next step, hold down Volume Down and Power key buttons for a couple of seconds.
    Enable Factory Mode
  3. This is the time to release the Power key when the device's logo pops up on the screen.
  4. Let's use Volume Down and Volume Up to navigate and Power key to confirm your choice. 
    Factory Mode
  5. Great! You are already in Factory Mode. Now, you have the possibility to use factory features.