Night Mode OppoNight Mode

Do you happen to use the phone at night? Are you annoyed by constantly reducing your screen brightness? There is a simple solution for that! All you need to do is activate the night mode. When it gets dark, your phone will automatically reduce the brightness of the display. In the following instructions, we explain how to successfully enter the display settings and successfully activate the night mode.

How to activate Night Mode? 

If you want to allow night mode on your smartphone, follow our instructions and learn how to activate it favorably. We recommend visiting our channel on YT, where instructional videos are available on this topic, personalized for specific phone models.

Watch the below video and learn how to activate night mode in Oppo smartphone:

or if you prefer, have a look at the following instructions and check how to switch on night mode in Oppo device:

First method:

  1. In the first step, go to the Settings app.

    Oppo Home Screen
  2. Secondly, select Display & Brightness.

    Oppo Settings
  3. At this moment, use the switcher next to the Eye comfort to allow Night Mode.
    Eye Comfort Oppo
  4. Now, choose Always on.

    Always On Oppo
  5. Success! Night Mode has been enabled successfully. 

    Activated Night Mode Oppo

Second method:

You also can use Top Menu to switch on Night Mode called on Oppo device - Eye comfort

  1. Just swipe the top screen down and tap on the Eye comfort icon.

    Night Mode by Top Menu Oppo
  2. Perfect job! Night Mode is enabled now. 

    Oppo Night Mode Activation