Power Saving Mode 

This is an amazingly useful mode when you desperately need to use your device longer than the battery level shows you. When the Battery Saver is activated, your device performs a bit less quickly but will stay running longer. If you would like to extend the life of your battery, then use our video tutorial in order to learn how to easily get into battery settings to activate power saving mode smoothly. In the below instruction, you will be able to find how to use your smartphone for longer. Let’s follow our step by step guide and save power in your device.

Low Battery

Let's read our article to find a smartphone with a good battery.

How to activate Power Saving Mode?

If you would like to learn how to enable Battery Saver in your device, then visit HardReset.info YouTube Channel and use Power Saving Mode Playlist to find your own phone model.

 How to enable Low Power Mode in iPhone X?

In the instruction below, you can find out how to enable Power Saving Mode in SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10:

  1. In the first step, from the app menu choose Settings.
    SAMSUNG Apps Menu
  2. Secondly, select Device Care.
    SAMSUNG Device Care
  3. This is the time to tap on the Battery icon.
    SAMSUNG Battery
  4. Afterward, pick Power Mode in order to extend battery life.
    SAMSUNG Power Mode
  5. In the final part, choose the level of battery saving. We recommend- Optimised.
    SAMSUNG Optimized Battery Saving
  6. Perfect job! Power Saving Mode in your Samsung device has been successfully activated.