Record Screen

Turn on a very useful and interesting function which is Screen Recording. The Screen Recording option allows you to record the current action taken on your smartphone. For example, you can show others how to run certain functions or simply register an item that cannot be permanently downloaded to your device, or simply show what action you do at the moment on your device. During recording, you will not only capture the image but also the sound that comes out of your device. You must know that not every device has such a function, but most smartphones do, so you can easily activate it and you do not need to download any additional applications.

As for the Screen Recording process itself, it is very simple and fast. If the phone has such a function, enter the upper menu, where the Screen Recorder icon is located, then click on it and the screen recording will start from that moment. In most cases, a small bar will appear in the upper right corner of the screen showing the recording time and whether the microphone is turned on. In our tutorials, both written and those recorded on our channel on the YouTube we will show you in great detail how to enable and disable this function. After a successful recording of the content displayed on the screen of your device, we will show you where the file is located and what its name is. Recorded content can be stored on your device as well you can send and share them with others.

The quality of the recorded content is of the same quality as it is displayed on the screen of your device, so you can be sure that the content will be captured in very good quality. However, you should know that system recording of the screen does not allow you to speed up this recording and there is no possibility of editing the film, changing the quality of the recording, adjusting the number of FPS, and changing the orientation (vertical, horizontal). To do this you will need an additional application. Our experts from HardReset.Info make every effort to solve every problem related to Screen Recording very quickly.

How to Record Screen on your device?

On most Android devices, you can Record Screen by using the following instructions:

  1. Firstly, get unlock your and open the top menu.
    LG Top menu
  2. Secondly, tap on the Screen Recording and start recording what you are doing on the screen now.
    LG Screen Recording Icon
  3. The screen recording is active. You can stop recording if you open the top menu again and choose Screen Recording.
    LG active Screen Recording
  4. Perfect! The activities you performed on your device have been recorded.

If you have a problem with enabling a Screen Recorder, then the best solution is to open our YouTube Channel Record Screen Playlist to find a tutorial on your own phone model.

On the presented videos, you will see how to use a Screen Recorder: