Reset Camera

Reset Camera operation is a quick and easy way to restore camera default settings in your device. If you have recently noticed some strange, unfamiliar errors while using your camera or the taken pictures are really weird, here is the solution. There is a smooth way to reset camera settings in your device. This operation will fix camera settings just in few steps. Check out the below instruction and restore manufacturer’s settings easily!

If you would like to find how to reset camera settings in your device, then open our Reset Camera Playlist on our YouTube Channel to find a tutorial with your own phone model.

Let's find out how to restore the camera factory configuration on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus example:

In the presented instruction, you are able to learn how to reset the camera on Samsung Galaxy S10:

  1. In the first step, choose Camera icon from the main screen.
    Samsung Home Screen
  2. Secondly, tap on the right upper corner, on the Settings icon.
    Camera Settings
  3. At this moment, scroll the whole camera settings list to find and select Reset Settings.
    Reset Settings
  4. In the final part, confirm Camera Reset by OK button.
    Camera Reset
  5. Success! Camera Settings has been restored.