Scatter files are special files that got information what structure got the phone EMMC / UFS memory that phone use to run Android system and all application. What’s really important this special file can be used to bypass and remove Factory Reset Protection, Google Account verification or Google Account protection.

Scatter files database

Brand Model Start Address Length address Scatter File
Acer Liquid Z6E T10 0x4FA0000 0x100000 Download
Alcatel OT-4034D 0x9000000 0x800000 Download
Alcatel OT-4034G 0x9000000 0x800000 Download
Alcatel OT-4034X 0x9000000 0x800000 Download
Alcatel OT-5015D 0x41000000 0x800000 Download
Alcatel OT-5015X 0x41000000 0x800000 Download
Alcatel OT-5044Y 0xE000000 0x800000 Download
Alcatel OT-5045X 0xA000000 0x800000 Download
Alcatel OT-5045D 0xA000000 0x800000 Download
Allview X2 Soul Xtreme 0x4BA0000 0x100000 Download
Doogee Shoot 2 0x4fa0000 0x100000 Download
Gigaset GS160 0x6A00000 0x100000 Download
Motorola Moto C Plus XT1721 XT1723 0x6A00000 0x100000 Download
myPhone Hammer Energy 0x6A00000 0x100000 Download
myPhone Go 0x4FA0000 0x100000 Download
myPhone Prime 2 0x00000000057A0000 0x00100000 Download
ZTE Blade A602 0x6A80000 0x00100000 Download