Secret Codes

They are a magic combination of signs and numbers that will give you access to the amazingly useful features. This sequence of signs and numbers (starts from * or # and finish on one of these two too) confirm by call dialer gives you transfer into hidden information about your device. Secret Codes are such needed in the situation when you wish to extend the knowledge about a smartphone or get into hidden modes to test your device's features. Just by using really short code, you will be able to get access to the location of IMEI number for example. Let's use secret codes attached below in order to perform various extremely useful operations. 

Where to find Secret Code?

On the internet, you will be able to find many websites that will offer secret codes, but most of them show you the full list of codes that are useless, working just with the chosen device and with a specific provider. In this article, we would like to provide you with a super useful list of codes that most of them should work with every device and every provider based on the Android operating system, some of them on iOS also. Stay with us and learn presented secret codes because they work on your own smartphone. If you would like to check more codes for your device, then get into our YouTube Channel Secret Codes Playlist to locate your smartphone and enjoy personalized especially for your device secret codes.

Why you should use Secret Codes?

You should try to use Secret Codes because is it a very quick and easy method to get into hidden modes that allow you to get access to the best features and useful information about your smartphone. That big part of the information by typing just specific code is for sure worth it.

TOP 8 Secret Codes:

  1. IMEI Number *#06#
  2. Calendar Storage *#*#225#*#*
  3. FCM Diagnostics *#*#426#*#* 
  4. Rlz Debug Ul *#*#759#*#*
  5. Testing Menu *#*#4636#*#*
  6. Check Call Forwarding *#67#
  7. Call Forwarding Time *#61#
  8. Hide Phone Caller ID *31# (Disable #31#)

In the videos below, you will be able to find the secret codes for the 3 most popular brands: