Set Up email

Most smartphone users probably have their own email address. It's worth adding your email address to your device and synchronizing it with it. If you only allow email notifications, your device will immediately signal to you that you have received a new message in your mailbox. This is very convenient because you reduce the risk of missing an important email and you'll always be up to date with messages. Thanks to the option of sending messages and replying to them, you can help yourself a lot - you will not be forced to turn on the computer, you will have everything on hand!

There are often questions if you can use an email that is not registered in the most popular mailboxes such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, or other commercial ones. If you also thought that you could not add email addresses other than the ones we just mentioned, then you are wrong. You can use any email address on your smartphone. You can freely use your email, even the one in your own mailbox. All you need to do is enter the appropriate email inbox settings and select Other. We will present the entire process in our tutorials to which we warmly invite you. Start using your email address and enjoy one of the most popular and official forms of communication these days.

How to Set Up email on Android?

On most Android devices, you can set up email using the following instructions:

  1. At the very beginning, open the Google folder.
    Lg main menu
  2. In the next step, open the Gmail folder.
    lg google folder
  3. Now, Add an email address.
    LG add email
  4. Then configure the email by selecting Other mailboxes.
    lg email other
  5. Now, type your email address and password.
    lg email password 
  6. This is the time to set up the email server.
    lg incoming server settings
  7. Excellent! Your email has been set up.