Simple ModeSimple Mode

Does your phone interface seem too complicated to you? Would you like to start using your smartphone in the simplest possible layout? How to enter a simple mode on a smartphone? You've come to the right place! In the following instructions, we will explain to you how to effectively activate simple mode on your phone. Check out how to access simple mode and never again be confused with using your phone.

How to enter Simple Mode?

If you want to enter simple mode on your smartphone, follow our instructions and learn how to activate it favorably. We recommend visiting our channel on YT, where instructional videos are available on this topic, personalized for specific phone models.

Watch the below video and learn how to Simple Mode in Honor smartphone:


or if you prefer, have a look at the following instructions and check how to enable simple mode on Oppo:

  1. At the very beginning, switch the screen up to enter all of the apps or just pick the Settings app from the main screen.

    Oppo Home Screen
  2. Secondly, choose the Settings app.

    Oppo Settings
  3. In the next step, pick the Home screen, Lock screen & Always-On Display.|

    Display Settings Oppo
  4. At this moment, select Home screen mode.

    Home Screen Mode Oppo
  5. Now, click Simple mode and Apply.
    Apply Simple Mode Apply Simple Mode Oppo

  6. In the final part, tap on the Switch button.

    Switch for Easy Mode Oppo
  7. Perfect job! You are in Simple Mode now and you can smoothly use your device in a very minimalistic look

    SImple Mode Oppo