HardReset.Info was created as a result of need to resolve all the phone's puzzles, discover new tricks, find all available extra features and hidden options in such rapidly developing field as phone industry. Since 2014 we are preparing tutorials so you can extend your knowledge about various devices, mostly phones. Today, we are focus on developing new gimmicks, super solutions for both laymens and technology freaks. Over 100K people from all over the world subscribe our YouTube Channel and regularly visits the website.
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Meet the team of thinkers, inventors, makers and creators.

Dawid - CEOCEO Dawid Winiu

Skydiving, motorization, running, and technology are just one of his many passions. Operating in the gsm industry for many years. The originator of the entire project always gives the best advice and fresh ideas. Every day motivates us to further achievements and further work.

Sebastian - Main AdministratorMain Administrator Sebastian

Numbers, statistics, data analyzing and discovering (un)useful information surround him round the clock. Long distance running is Sebastian’s remedy for all life troubles. Seeking adventures. Never tired of exploring new territories and traveling all around the world.

Lena - Database Moderator

Huuuuge cat lover. Can’t imagine a day without her partner in crime – Maciek, fluffy kitten. Combination of Marilyn Manson fan and gentle, indie soul. Cutting the mustard workaholic with an admixture of introversion. Tenderly urges to be a housewife.

Natalia - Content Creator

Loves living at the highest gear, always thrilled to be in a fast‐paced environment. Ambitious mommy of 2 yo kiddo. Marketing student, incessantly eager to learn new things. Social butterfly. This kind of person, who sees everything through rose-tinted glasses and always draws conclusions from failures. 

Mateusz - Administrator

Handyman, skilled at a wide range of constructions. He can put together a computer and turn water into wine. Passionate about new technologies, great gadgeteer and android lover. Seeker for smarter alternatives. Hardly anyone knows that he is also a guitar virtuoso.

Krzysiek - Database Moderator

Our modern Pitagoras. Sparkling mind devoted to mathematics. Ability to execute tasks rapidly and efficiently is his super power. Meanwhile, a huge sports lover. Actively practices such disciplines as football, runmageddon or even bungee jumping. Living on the wave of spontaneity.