GROWING GTD784 擦除缓存分区

查看如何轻松删除GROWING GTD784 中的缓存分区。 此操作不会影响你的个人文件,只会删除临时缓存文件。之后,你可以刷新Android 4.4 KitKat系统优化Allwinner A23 。

擦除缓存分区 GROWING GTD784

  1. If you wish to Wipe Cache from your GROWING GTD784, you have to turn it off, firstly, by holding down Power Button for a few seconds. 为GROWING GTD784硬复位
  2. Wait for your device to turn off completely, and after that you should proceed by holding down Power Key + Volume Up for about 5 seconds. 为GROWING GTD784恢复原厂设定
  3. After you see Android robot appeared on screen, you have to hold down Power Key and press Volume Up once. 为GROWING GTD784主复位
  4. In the appeared menu, using Volume Keys to navigate and Power Key to select, you have to select option "wipe cache partition". 删除GROWING GTD784上的屏幕密码
  5. Wait for a few seconds till cache wipe completes, and after that you have to restart your tablet by selecting option "reboot system now". 恢复GROWING GTD784
  6. Within a few seconds after that, your GROWING GTD784 will be restarted as usual, and that's it, well done!

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